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Master Dealer List

This post is an addendum to my other posts regarding how to start your own cell phone store.

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Hi everone,

I am submitting my Master Dealer List since I have been getting a lot of inquires for it. However, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing to do. It does help people starting out their business, but possibly hurt others already in the business. I'm hoping to help out people by making this info available, but if I get too many nasty comments, I may take down this post.

Anyway, enjoy it while you can. Here's the Master Dealer list and other suppliers that you can use in the cell phone business.

Good luck!

Little Disclosure

I wanted to put a little disclosure saying that this list was current in the beginning part of 2008. I am sure that with this tough economic climate, some of the suppliers listed below has gone under. Hope you can check for yourselves to see which ones are still around.

Cell Phone Maste Dealer and Supplier List

Master Dealers

MGM Wireless 800-506-6788

Pinnacle Wireless

Platinum Wireless 877-889-8000

AA Wireless 800-788-8801

Mobile Line 877-978-1001

American Wireless 800-726-2333

Ameritel 718-826-1111

Wireless Warehouse 1-877-255-2994

One Touch Direct 813-262-6878

ProStar 510-477-8060

K&B Wireless 215-362-1005

Brightpoint 800-952-2355

My Dream Wireless 866-466-5488

Moorehead Communications

Global Wireless Data 877-289-2373

Celluphone 800-367-8822

CNCG 888-436-6352

QDI Wireless 800-877-3002

North Atlantic, Inc 800-442-2388

Perfect Connection 877-682-2533

HyperLink Inc. 877-237-4040

Xentris 800-XEN-ACES

Telephony Partners 866-878-7552

Metro PCS 914-593-8500


Virgin Mobile USA


Disney Mobile 866-528-2286

KDDI Mobile 877-533-4117

Industry Publications (Free Subscriptions)

Wireless Dealer Magazine 800-862-2609

Wireless Week 717-399-1900

The Prepaid Press 866-203-2334

Phones Plus 480-990-1101

Miscellaneous Equipment

Microvision 1-877-797-7226

iGrip 1-877-854-4747

Wilson Electronics 866-294-2738

Discrete Wireless 800-358-6178

ROV 877-979-7226

Advance Tec Industries 800-881-8211

Sage Quest 888-837-7243

Inter Buy Cellular 305-513-3848

Life Photo

Turbo Charge 888-668-0797

CallPod 800-951-CPOD

Walls + Forms 972-745-0800


MOBO Original Accessories 800-601-3209

Mobile Glove 800-658-9151

Wireless Complete 305-623-2000

SLK Global 718-706-6800

AIMO 877-687-6688

Turtle Wireless 214-347-8025

E-Trend Corporation 626-579-9068

WAU 800-586-5675

Amistar 305-681-2345

Hypercel 1-800-30-HYPER

Phoenix Wireless 800-880-5610

ARIES 800-959-2743

TESSCO 800-305-9772

OMEGA 800-668-7881

GNJ Supply 305-651-1801

Skin It

XS Gems 213-351-7655

RM Trading 310-828-4809

Cellcom Wireless Distributors 718-859-2220

ORCA 800-992-5526

CellKeeper 800-616-1608

First Choice Wireless 386-668-8943

National Cellular 888-871-8450

Malcom Distributors 718-803-8100

Xentris 800-XEN-ACES

Perfect Connection 877-682-2533

Off Wire 888-OFFWIRE

Malsha Products Digital 2000

CMH 305-593-7455

JCM Sales 888-526-1222

Technocel 800-843-5600

QDI Wireless


Dream Wireless 1-888-872-8988

C5 800-535-8284

CellStar 800-530-4664

Executive Products Inc. 866-833-1444

Let's Crystal It 877-866-3485

Notizit IBC Accessories 305-513-3848

Cellular Jewelry 800-699-9291

Bello 800-515-3837

Import Com 888-351-7283

Wireless Xcessories Group 800-233-0013

Image Accessories 877-633-5500

Pro Mobile Gear 866-466-5488

Winner Wireless 888-239-5864 AG 800-871-3133

National Cellular 888-871-8450 Scosche 800-363-4490

Libratel 866-35-LIBRA

Digi Harmony 800-922-1602

Moss 818-886-5400

Mobileistic 877-456-MOBILEISTIC CCM www.ccminternational.com800-928-7696

eWireless USA 888-494-7243

Cellet KROO 909-598-0738

Microcell Communications 800-980-4886

Delton Accessories 888-871-8450

Hands Free Devices

Bluetrek See Website for Distributors

CARDO Systems

Super Cell N/A 718-338-5459

Blue Ant


Remanufactured & Refurbished Phones

DigiCell 800-474-1316

Quality One Wireless

Wireless One 866-947-3571

World Star Wireless 323-930-1777

Cellular Fantasy 800-213-6002

All Pro Distribuint 866-909-2666

Pace Butler Corporation 800-248-5360

Milan Wireless Wholesale 248-355-3331

Dummy Phones

Ebay Check Listings

Dummy Phones 718-782-0393


Retail IQ 866-476-3874

Mobile Action See Website for Distributors

MMS 877-517-2020

Tele Tracker 877-277-6810

Switchboard 877-548-7409

Wireless Standard 800-497-8733

Music Giants 775-832-5692

Cell Sell

Shows & Events



Wireless Power Selling

Intele-Card 800-883-8353

Channel Partners Conference & Expo

Mobile Web Expo 727-399-2812

Corporate Dynamics, Inc. 630-778-9991

Cell Phone Store Layout

Wireless Store Branding 866-880-1234

Palmer Promotional Products 800-444-1912

Trio Display 800-454-4844

Displays 2 Go 800-572-2194

Store Supply Warehouse 800-823-8887

M. Fried Store Fixtures 877-630-1600

Victory Corpos 800-328-6120

Trade Organization

Wireless Business Owners Consortium 630-778-9991

American Mobile Telecommunications Association

Association of Wireless Professionals

Calling Card

Network Enhanced Technologies 800-818-5555


Rapifon 800-430-8691

STX Communications N/A 718-220-0598

Touch-n-Buy 888-750-2340

IDT Retail 800-373-8438

Ta Facil 800-216-9565

Send Global 866-733-8810

Got Prepaid 866-650-3278

Import and Unlocked Phones

PCS Wireless 718-786-9300

Amistar (Hong Kong) Ltd. 852-2367-5111

Titanium Wireless 310-538-5300

Matrix Marketing 888-636-4765

SND Cellular 323-957-2607

First Telecom USA 305-542-6668

NexAira 800-705-0140 CTI Miami

Modern Wireless 800-474-9724

National Electronics 800-835-7186

We Sell Cellular 516-334-6400

Portix 309-834-0322

Kithan Limited www.mobilesources/kithan 852-2542-2283

Pacific Cellupage, Inc. 323-297-1111

Gadiscell, Inc. 718-788-4936

SNS Communications 718-786-8998

Maimai Cell 305-592-3607

Edge Tech 866-439-3343

Antenna Booster

zBoost 800-239-5475

Spot Wave

Prepaid Phones

Prime Mobile 678-638-1102

Picante Movil 888-867-2764

Data Storm 866-283-8090

Presto 914-761-3573

Liberty Wireless 786-594-3934

Maxx Mobile 310-318-4621

Americas Local 888-LOCAL-15

Radko Azteca 888-799-6060

Lucky Wireless 888-96-LUCKY

MX Mobile 866-557-8989

G Cellular 866-638-7673

Red Pocket Mobile 888-993-3888

Focus Mobile

Sky Net 623-334-9152

Franchise Opportunity

Wireless Toyz 866-237-2624

Wireless Zone 866-WZ4-3577


telSpace 877-560-7322

Sales Leads

Info USA 402-593-4520

Prepaid Carriers

Courtesy of Prepaid, here is an updated list of prepaid carriers as of July 2010.



Metro PCS:

Net 10:

Omni Prepaid:


Thanks courtesy of Prepaid Reviews.

Helpful Comments

These are comments that I received while the page was being published on HubPages. I received a total of 164 comments on my Hub, and found some to be very helpful, so I wanted to republish them here as well. I do hope that you find some of the comments below helpful.

Keep in mind, I do not endorse any of the comments or links below, so there maybe some that are not good, already out of business, or just might not work out for you. Please use it with your own risk.

Melissa 5 months ago

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Safir 5 months ago

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Jawad Shuaib 5 months ago

This is an excellent list and will be very helpful for us when dealing with cellular devices. I also wanted to mention our wholesale cell phone accessories business: Budget Electronics

We are actively looking to help kick off new cell phone businesses :)


NoVA Prepaid 5 months ago

Great list for people who are interested in joining the wireless gold rush!

We are a Master Dealer of Red Pocket Mobile which uses ATT network and has the lowest perpaid rate plans in U.S.

If you want to become a dealer, visit our site, it costs you nothing to become a dealer. Also you have no inventory risk and costs as we are SIM-only business.

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I do wholesale in cellphone & cellphone accessories.

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Eli 6 months ago

Hello, this is exciting to find. Thank you for such great list. we buy brand new blackberry in bulk. Looking for Brand new blackberry only. If you are an wholesaler and want to move your inventory, we buy hundreds of phones a month to sell outside of plans. Need torch, 9700s, and anticipated pricing for the new 9900 coming out in september. We buy 200 - 500 phones at a time. unlocked/locked is fine. email me:


Sam Zhang 6 months ago

Very precise explanation!I like it.

Thanks for your sharing.

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shiny 7 months ago

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Wholesale Wireless Manager 9 months ago

AT&T Master Agent based in Seattle, WA


luckytime4 9 months ago

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John Tanner 10 months ago

You obviously did your homework, great post you listed a ton of information that would take many hours to find on your own, thank you! There is one other accessory that you can list that is very competitive in the industry, check out

and see if its right for you.


Ian Smith 11 months ago

The mobile landscape is changing faster than most industry experts can keep pace. In general as of Feb 2011 the trend is still for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's) to start working with independent dealers. However, gone are the days of brick and mortar shops or costly start up fees for things like license agreements or large supplies of inventory. These days just about anyone with a credit card and 200$ can start selling some type of phone service. The question these days isn't HOW to sell phone service but what TYPE of phone service makes sense to sell. A great starting place to look is at which has MVNO's selling everything from pre-paid to contract phones. The vendors listed range from bottom dollar service to high end android phones with data plans. They market to international markets, to kids, and to people conscientious about the earth. This list is by no means complete. A quick search of the web for MVNO's produces a plethora or vendors such as,, , all of which have a basic entry fee and allow you to sell phones and plans on a prepaid basis to your customers. Some work with unlocked phones, some provide you the phone list they offer,some are a hybrid of both models. Recently the trend has started to move into network marketing and refer-a-friend. An example of the lower tiered technology services with the referal method is This site and most of the above sites are still only selling phone or limited 3g plans. For an example of a vendor introducing multi-carrier high end 4g service please visit. (Disclaimer, this is the vendor I chose after lots of research indicating the next big wave of phones revolve around the 4g model, plus they offer opportunities in tv and internet which these days it seems all three technologies are converging to). If anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer them. I've done plenty of research and as thanks to the community who has taught me, I offer assistance back. Feel free to contact me at Good luck in your endeavors, the barriers to entry in this exciting field have been virtually eliminated allowing a stronger level of competition benefiting both the consumers and the motivated entrepreneur.


Greg @ Tuff-Tec 11 months ago

I started a Cell Phone distribution business last year for TOUGH PHONES. This list is incredible, what a reference to help brand my phones. I have two generations now, The Hammer and The Ricochet. Look for my video on youtube "Hammer Phone" and any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks again,


Robert Brandolino 13 months ago

Best of luck to all of you starting up new businesses. If you wish to carry our new headset (no-snag, no-tangle, retractable, wired & Bluetooth) or our new Recording cable (record your cell phone call and save voicemail messages to your computer) or our Headset Splitter (connect two headsets to any device - cell phone, iPod, laptop, etc.) please conatct me at: or (949) 235-0561.

All the best,



Doug 13 months ago

I am a Master Agent for Red Pocket mobile, We are looking for Dealers in Texas,Arrizona and Miami Fl.

If you own a shop or are thinking about a opening a Cell Phone shop and would like to offer Red Pocket Mobile then drop me a email.

Red Pocket is MVOA of ATT Been Around since 2006. But 2011 is the year it Floods the market.


jacky Chou 14 months ago

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Cellular Supplier Directory 17 months ago

I also found the Celly Source wireless supplier directory to be a big help in finding different cell phone companies to help run a cellular business. Great info, here's the link if anyone needs it!


John 20 months ago

Another importer, dealer and supplier of unlocked cell phones is who is located in Connecticut. They are also a t-mobile dealer. Give them a call, maybe they can get you a good price on bulk orders.


Donald 20 months ago is a top T-Mobile master dealer


Scott 21 months ago

As the name says

BEYOND CELLULAR VISION - Started with FLASHING PHONES and went INTO developing Applications. Now we are one of the biggest cellphone CUSTOM ROM makers & security Anti Virus developers.

If anybody is looking to get a Custom ROM for a network we can do it for you.

What to put a Verizon phone to MetroPCS - we built one Click executable OS files that makes the Verizon Phone to a fully functional MetroPCS phone with all functionalities & 3rd party apps working!

Company Based in Dallas, TX.


just_ME 22 months ago

they are really nice and friendly. helped me get started and walked me through the process.


Jane 23 months ago

Downtown Cellular in LA has been a great source for my business..


Mike 24 months ago

Wow, great information for anyone that is opening or even has a cell phone store! Here's another tip, get your store(s) listed on, it's a nationwide cell phone store directory. Even if it brings you one more activation over the year it's worth it! Good luck everyone.


John Lee 2 years ago

Anyone who is in the business and needs phones unlocked we are one of the largest servers in the world and can offer unmatched pricing for unlock codes.



Darvis 2 years ago

go to and signup with Pompey Wireless they can setup up in minutes and they give dealers 35% from there customers bill.


Titanium Wireless, Inc 2 years ago

Distributors of Brand New Mobiles Phones; BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, & Samsung.


Tom Komar 2 years ago is also a great list broker. the company offers quality consumer/business/investor lead databases all in specific categories and its really affordable too, so they are worth taking a look at.


arusmi 2 years ago

NexGen Communications is really a "home for all cellular needs".

Try them, their price and service is simply the best.


how2start Hub Author 2 years ago


I've never personally dealt with Metro PCS, so this is just my take on things. I can be completely wrong.

From what I know, Metro PCS is a prepaid-like dealer. There are no contracts on what you get.

Unfortunately, from my experience selling prepaid phones, the profit margin on them are extremely thin. You usually make money on the hardware (phone) sales, and small fraction on the monthly charges.

If you're buying a Metro PCS store from someone else, there is a possibility that they we're making the money they wanted, and that's why they are selling the business.

Prepaid dealerships need to make money solely through volume, so you need to look at your potential customer base, and see if you have enough of them to make any kind of real money.

Metro PCS probably targets immigrants as well as low-income sector since they don't require a contract, and that means no credit checks. If the store is in a growing community of new immigrants coming in, that might be a case where there is an opportunity. Other than that, the marketing costs needed to acquire volume would be extremely difficult with so many other national carriers spending a ton on money on marketing.

Of course, I may be totally wrong, and Metro may offer great commission per activation. If that's the case, just look for your potential customer base to see if you have enough to pay your bills and make some money off of the operation.

Good luck with it all!


Jay from SnH Wireless 2 years ago

SnH Wireless offers the highest quality of cellular phones on the market today. Since 1998, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation that we haveOur Values:Leadership: At SnH Wireless, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs or our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with SnH Wireless, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industryTeamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to your success.Customer Relations: At SnH Wireless, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of SnH Wireless. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business.SnH Wirelss: All our customer service and sales representatives are well trained and ready to serve you, and answer any questions. SnH Wireless is an authorized Motorola dealer. Our direct relationships with the major manufacturers and wireless carriers around the world means that when dealing with us you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality products at incredibly low prices.We are the fastest growing GSM distributor in the industry, distributing fine mobile handsets world wide. Our enormous warehouse is located in New York, literally minutes away from seaports. Our convenient location is an advantage, making it easy to import and export merchandise.

Why use SnH Wireless :Every storeowner has the potential to become tomorrows success story. SnH Wireless wants to give the agent every possible chance to rise to the top.Call us today @ 718 715 4973 to get started, or email


Mike 2 years ago

Great article, I am a wholesaler with great deals on at&t branded phones and bluetooth as well as new and refurbished unlocked phones, we have offices in NY and Miami, Please call me at 305-704-3663 x.101 or email


The Phone Club


Sales 2 years ago

Check out our line of Talon branded accessories. We carry the latest models with hot designs to help your business stand out and grow. The prices are unmatched.


aShraf 3 years ago

One of the best site for information on how to start a cell phone business. You left out one of the better master dealer for t-mobile. which is, they are located in atlanta, ga.

@Nizam. Roughly speaking, You would not need that much to start a retail cell-phone store. This is a minimum investment business. I'll give you few examples:

Lease: $3000. $1500/month (1 month security, 1 month rent)

Display showcases: $ 500-1000 (usually need 2-3)

Business license : $200-300

Phones: $2000-4000 (I'd get 7-10 different phones, and 3 qty each)

Accessories: $500-800 (don't go crazy over accessories, keep it limited)

When you sign a lease, negotiate, they must give you atleast 2 months free of rent. For a 3 year lease, they should give you atleast 2 months free rent. For a 5+ yr lease, they should give you 5 months free rent. You won't get your commision till after 2 months, so hold on to your cash to pay for replenishments.

And you need some cash for displays and slatwalls etc. Which is not that costly.

If you have $10,000 or around there, than you are good to go.


how2start Hub Author 3 years ago


Thanks for your comments and compliments.

Let me try to answer your questions as to the multi-carrier approach.

First of all, there are (or used to be) master dealers that do have multiple carriers that they handle. However, with all the recent mergers of big carriers, I would think that there are very few master dealers that do offer multiple carriers in terms of post-paid contracts today. Brightpoint maybe one, and I think they offered Sprint, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile, last time I checked.

Second, with regards to the multi-carrier approach is a good investment or not. From my personal experience, we always had at least two major carriers that we offered to our customers. Primary and secondary carriers in our view. And we probably switched our primary carrier around at least once a year. The reason why we kept having to switch was that the carriers have the power to cut your commission dramatically in a month's notice. I remember at one time a carrier was offering $250 in commission, and next month down to $125 or so. It was a big hit, and a lot of the dealers offering the carrier's service went under. We fortunately always had two carriers, so we would switch over to the other to stay alive. It is sort of an insurance plan to have multiple carriers for your business.

Thrid, after talking about the points above, some carriers like TM actually rely heavily on their indirect dealers to bring them business. So they will treat you well, pay you well, and hopefully value the relationship enough to not cut you off like the other carriers. It maybe a requirement to sign an exclusive agreement to get paid the higher commission, and it will up to you to sign it or not. Other carriers have enough store on their own that they don't value the small volume that indirect dealers bring in, and will be pretty fast to cut you off.

In terms of multiple carriers, it works best if you have enough volume each month to offer it to your customers. If your store isn't booming, like many of the cell phone stores out there, it is probably best if you concentrate on selling one carrier. That way, you do earn a higher commission, and probably get a lot of collaterals to build your business on.

From my personal ideals, it would be awesome to be able to open an independent store with T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and act like an insurance agent to your customers to shop out the best service for them. However, since the carriers have all the power in this industry, and they hate it when you switch a customer when their contracts are up, this ideal will not come true in the near future.

The only way you can do an independent store with multiple carriers is to build some bargaining power yourself. That means sell like crazy and establish enough volume to a point where a carrier sees value in you. And this will likely mean selling in the high hundreds and even into the thousands each month.

And lastly, the commission matrix is something you need to ask your master dealer for since it changes around once a month.

Good luck to you and your new business!


how2start Hub Author 3 years ago


Thanks for your comment.

If you're interested, check out my other Hubs on How to Start a Cell Phone Store.

To start the business, you're looking at inventory costs ($100~500 a phone), retail location rent/deposit, and other normal start up costs like stationary, employee, accountant, professional costs, etc...

I would recommend you write a business plan to see how much the whole business will take to start you up. If you already have a retail location, it may only cost you the money it takes for inventory, which can be as low as $1,000. If you don't have a location, then you will need to account for everything, plan meticulously, and have enough financing to keep you alive for at least 3-6 months. If you don't do this, you will likely fail as I have seen many people fail in this business due to the lack of planning in this competitive market.

Remember, the cell phone business does have a negative cash flow model, where you need to spend first to buy your inventory, and commission will come back to you in 1-2 months. You better plan to have enough cash and credit to not let this cash flow model affect your business.

The cell phone business is now relatively mature and saturated, so planning and working with a niche market is key to your success.

Good luck!